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Visual Elements

Keep it Simple

Light Painting

Compositional Techniques

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Leading Line

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Point of View

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Rule of Thirds

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Shadows & Silhouettes

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"Miserable At Best"
Experiment with lighting
Play with eye contact
Break the rules of composition

David Hockney collage
golden tree copy.jpg


Culture Clash

This is my final version of the image I made, combining scenes from different ends of the world. This is Yarmouth, Maine, and Beijing, China.
Using the well-known program Photoshop (CS6) to create the images, the process was quite easy, and mainly consisted of selecting and copying onto the canvas. As can be inferred, the ‘Kones Sundaes’ shop reflects on Yarmouth, Maine, as well as the ferris wheel - in my 7 years of living in Beijing, I have never seen anything quite similar to the two! The playground scene that is turned upside-down is our playground in IS ISB Beijing, and the volleyball on it is from Maine. The photo of the legs hanging down from the sky was taken in Beijing, and I put it in there because I feel like it really illustrates a crossover between the two countries - that even though they are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum, they are still connected.
After finishing the montage, I put a psd (that’s Photoshop talk for filter!) over the whole thing, to unify the colours.
Fun fact: Originally, this photo was meant to be the other way around! It was meant to be upside-down, with the ice cream shop on top and the playground on the bottom. It works quite well either way!