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Culture Clash
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The whole concept behind culture clash is to juxtapose the different cultures of China and Maine, USA. For me, I think that the Chinese culture is more traditional and the people are more rural. However, as China slowly industrialises, it becomes more modern as seen from the many skyscrapers in Beijing and other major cities. As for Maine, their life is always more modern that China, but in Maine, they live more at one with nature.
For my culture clash, I have a picture of a window with the left side showing China - a traditional Chinese architecture, a more modern building, a Chinese flag, the Chinese word for dragon, and a polluted sky. The two very different type of buildings represent the two periods of China and together, they symbolise the time where China is transitioning from more traditional to more modern. On the right side of the window, I'm showing Maine through the American flag, a ferris wheel from Cumberland Fair, a rooftop of a western building and a clear, blue sky. From the pictures I've seen of Yarmouth, Maine, I feel like their culture is typical western culture with beautiful weather, fairs, and western styled buildings like scenes we see in movies. In the center, I have people from the two places together. To represent China, I have a hardworking lady pushing a cart and a baby on a toy car. In China it is not uncommon to see people like them. To represent Maine, I chose a girl hanging from a tree branch and a man on a horse cart. I feel like Americans are more athletic and spends more time outdoors with nature whereas Chinese people are more focused on industrialisation. In front of the window there are Chinese and American objects to further illustrate the differences. The Chinese objects include a porcelain teapot and a more contemporary art piece of a pig. The American objects include tiny pumpkins and tiny turkeys - very thanksgiving and halloween themed.
Through this final unit of culture clash, I was about to learn how to use photoshop to show the differences between two very different cultures. While the cultures are different, its not necessarily a bad thing because it creates a more diverse and unique world we live in.