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Visual Elements

Simple Objects

Compositional Techniques
-> Rules of third
Rule of Third 3- Flower Pot copy.JPG
Rules of Third 2- Delivery Motocycle copy.JPG
Rules of Third 6- Leaf copy.JPG
-> Shadow and silhouette
shadow n silhouette 4- Long legs copy.JPG
shadow n silhouette 5-Tree Branches copy.JPG
shadow n silhouette 4- Dance copy.JPG
-> Leading line
Leading Line 5- Floor copy.JPG
Leading Line 1-Rock copy.JPG
Leading Line 6-Books copy.JPG
-> Point of view
Point of view 5- Library copy.jpg
Point of view 1- Mini Bike copy.JPG
Point of view 4- Roof copy.JPG
-> Framing
Framing 3- Circle in Circle copy.JPG
Framing 1- House copy.JPG
Framing 4- Blue Sky copy.JPG

10 Best Light Painting Photos including all four techniques: Portraits, Ghosting, Drawing, and Sphere


DSCN1621 copy.jpg
Ballerina (Focus Upon One Body Part)
DSCN1603 copy.jpg
Lunch (Alter Perspective/ Family)
BeFunky_CYMERA_20131005_153930.jpg copy.jpg
Bubble Gum (Avendon Style)

Master Of Photographer-Ansel Adams
(responses to the photographer included in the video:))

Masters of Photography (Ansel Adams) from Tiffany.Gu on Vimeo.

David Hockney's Style Collage
David Hockney Collage copy.jpg


Culture Clash
Culture Clash copy.jpg
In this unit, Culture Clash, I combined photos from Yarmouth, Maine and Beijing using Photoshop to show the differences between these two places. The “clash” that I am trying to show through this photo is the environmental differences between Main and Beijing. I used the forest background from Maine, which looks really natural and beautiful. Then I add in the trash cans, the old house, and the rusty old bike filled with water from China to the background. The reason I do that is because during the visit to the lower class village next to our school in China, I noticed a similar forest background in Maine; however, it was filled with lots of rubbish and other old stuffs. Hence, I want to show that how these two places can extremely different even they have a very similar background. Moreover, I added the water and reflection of the ferris wheel and a surf board is because I want to emphasize how people in Maine cherish their environment and keep it pretty and natural while China just ignore the beauty of nature and destroy it.

Through out the process of creating this culture clash, I used the selection tool the most. I select photos from Maine and China and use the tool ‘refine edge’ to make the photos match all together in one big photos. Moreover, I also use the capacity tool a lot as I wanted to change the opacity of some photos to match the whole big image. At last in order to make the photo, Culture Clash, look surreal, I added in 2 psd effects to unify them and create a dream kind of feeling through the lightning of the photos. I think all of the tools I mentioned above had helped me a lot when I am creating this photo as they allow me to combine and merge many photos into one big photos successfully.

Overall I think this unit was really fun and allow me to learn more about Photoshop skills at the same time. :)