“You learn to see by practice. It’s just like playing tennis—you get better the more you play. The more you look around at things, the more you see. The more you photograph, the more you realize what can be photographed and what can’t be photographed. You just have to keep doing it.” Eliot Porter

Unit 3

We will begin this unit with this question in mind...

"What impact does learning the History of Photography have on the work you are doing today?"


Lewis Hines, Phillip Halsman and Margaret Bourke White

Here's some rational about photography today..

Masterful Inspirations:

Students learn by researching, looking closely at one photographer and sharing what they have learned from photographers who are considered masters of their craft. You will present using the first person. Here is the assignment and a list of photographers that you can choose from.

Try something new and go 21st Century! Incorporate multi media

Be brave with your presentations !!! Do NOt put us to sleep. Make them good stories that "stick"

Student photos in the style of the masters:

Abelardo Morell

David Hockney

Lewis Hines

Arnold Newman

Phillippe Halsman

Dorothea Lange