Student Photos of Bai Xin Zhuang Village Beijing

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away." Eudora Welty, writer

Digital Imagery

This is an introductory low tech photography course focusing on the way we see that utilizes many high tech internet applications like flickr, animoto, tumblr, ning, pinterest and wiki! During the semester the students will be introduced to the essentials of digital photography and photographic manipulations. They will soon understand that photography is not just about technique and equipment but perception and communication. We will do many challenging assignments in class geared to discovering ones own unique vision. Students will learn how to use their camera in order to compose engaging photos and to recognize excellence in photography. Students will also know how to use the image editing software Adobe Photoshop to transform, manipulate and enhance images. Students will by the end of the semester be able to employ the available web platforms to properly and safely establish an online presence in order to communicate their ideas and images and to collaborate with others globally. Working as photojournalists they will then explore in depth an area in Beijing. In the process of becoming thoughtful and knowledgeable image makers students will gain communication and problem solving skills and will be better able to navigate our increasingly visual culture.
This wiki site is created in the spirit of collaboration to enhance the communication of classroom expectations, assignments, and resources in Digital Imagery. It is also one of the places for you, the student, to give and get feedback and to showcase your best work that will be viewed and shared here and around the globe.
In this class we collaborate, respond and share our ideas and photos with students in a similar high school program in Yarmouth, Maine, USA. This is our joint web site!

Everyone is a photographer but few are really good ones!! Become a "good one"!! Ms Farrell