"There are always two people in every picture.. the photographer and the viewer" Ansel Adams

Assignments. This is where you will check each week to see what we are doing and what you will need to do. So if you are absent just check the wiki!!

Don't forget to bring your digital camera charged to the next class! With a card reader or cord to upload your photos. Keep a camera in your pocket or bag at all times!!!

Basic language for the visual artist/ photographer.. the elements of design


August 9th weekend assignment

Take a photo of you in an environment that let's the viewer know something about who you are in the style of the pictures below and fill out the form for the express yourself page. Print the picture at home if you can. Here is an example from the American Express Ad with Tina Fey's response taken by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz...be prepared to share with the class on Monday.


August 13 - August 16 Introductions and work flow orientation/ photograph visual elements

1 You will sign up and or bookmark on your laptop the following sites:
wiki (course info and your portfolio page), Bookmark
USB (your "harddrive where you will have all your photos organized according to assignments)
flickr (best photos) where you will share, create slideshows and join "Digital Photo G" Sign UP
Tumblr (reflections with images on what has been learned), Sign Up

2 In Class (and out) photograph the following..
Photo challenge edit and have two good examples of each visual element / line,shape,color, texture,space and value put on your tumblr as a mosaic

"visual elements" relabel "line1.jpg" and "line2.jpg"

3 Tumblr this week:
Start your Tumblr account then put up a profile pic pick, a good title and follow me http://www.tumblr.com/blog/kenfa
(Remember your Tumblr is used on a regular basis (twice weekly minimum) as a way to reflect upon class learning and post your best work. Always include your own or others images to illustrate your understanding of new skills and readings.)
Look up Annie Leibovitz and on your tumblr account write a paragraph about the interesting aspects of her life as a photographer and what impressed you. Add one or two images you like of hers and put them on your tumblr as well.

4 Flickr

After you have joined upload your 12 best visual elements photos/ make a set (album), join the digital photo G group

Photo challenge:

Family take several photos of a member of your family from an interesting point of view

Upload your best photo challenge photos on flickr and put 1-3 onto tumblr with an explanation of why you chose them. Use the vocabulary of the photographer

August 19 - 23 Know your camera and keeping it simple with our shots

1 Focus on photography this week;

Andrew Nagle is a photographer who started to make his mark in high school with shots of every day objects. He paid

attention to visual clutter and light.

Check out Nagl flickr slideshow on "objects'


Take photos in the style of Nagl around the school and at home.

2 Flickr

Put at least 10 of your best onto flickr (put your best one into the photo G group. Next create a slideshow

3 Wiki:
embed the slideshows (visual elements and simple things) onto your wiki page/
Put your tumblr and your flickr address on the top of your wiki page

4 Tumblr: word and image in every entry ...What did you learn? what do you think?
write a reflection on what you think about the way Nagl composes his images. Choose at least two that you like and upload them onto tumblr.

IN Class assignment:

Know your cameras! you may work together on this when you are finished give the sheet to me with your names on it. On Tumblr write about what you have learned and use an image from google images to illustrate. Word and Image at all times.

Read this article on camera settings and notate vocabulary what you have learned on tumblr

Photo challenge

Your weekend
With Nagl and simple in mind take at least 5-10 photos of what you do during the weekend! Make it interesting by paying attention to lighting, color, background and point of view. Upload your best up onto flickr and add to your simple things set. share the best of all on the Photo G group.

August 27 - 29 Working with Composition

We will begin to work on the essence of good composition. Your will become more mindful of how to see with your camera

point of view http://tinyurl.com/45x8h2v


Reflect on the rule of thirds. Write a definition and put up an example from a photo you took

Day 2: Create 5 folders on both desktops (big mac and laptop) and put 5 good examples of each of the following compositional techniques which you will then upload to flickr.

Rule of Thirds

Leading Line


Different points of view

Reflections , shadows and silhouhette http://www.photozz.com/fizz/8344328.aspx http://tinyurl.com/2b7mtb8

Photo Challenge:

Signs in China using the rule of thirds

Check on course components. Quality of photos matters. You will be given a grade this coming week based on the rubric I gave you in class. Remember the expectation is that you are using your camera in and outside of school!

September 2 - 6 Unit ONE is Complete!



Start creating tables of 3 ex of each of the compositional techniques. Upload all five compositional folders onto flickr then from your desktop change the size of the images to fit onto wiki.

Read and notate on tumblr at least one thing that you learned from each article
Read this article to reaffirm your understanding of the basics.
and this one on a Brit's view of important compositional techniques
and finally click on photo tips and then the 12 top tips

Photo challenge:(upload your best onto tumblr and your flickr)

Take a photo of something/ someone you cannot live without (Be creative and thoughtful using one or more of the compositional techniques we have been learning.)

Today's class:
go to this site

together in small groups copy and paste and work on this site:

September 10-12 Light painting

In the black box we will experiment with camera settings and lights/ drawing.
Check out the wiki site
http://goingglobalwithlightpainting.wikispaces.com and student examples of drawing

Photo challenge / outside of school:Upload your best 2or 3 onto Tumblr/ YHS and flickr)

"september" take a series of photos that let us know it is September here in Beijing.(Use the compositional techniques that
we have been learning. rule of thirds/ reflections and shadows/ framing/ leading line/ different points of view)

September 16 and 18 Light painting continues

IN Class:
Focus on spheres/ using props/ portraits.
Each student will create a flickr slideshow of a minimum 10 light paintings and include examples of ghosting, drawing, portraits and spheres . The more creative the higher the score.

Photo challenge (post best on tumblr with reflection and onto flickr)
Do light painting in your neighborhood or somewhere in Beijing! If you do not have or cannot work with someone that has a camera that can have a long shutter then do night shots in a brightly area of your home.

Moon cake festival photos please to post to YHS!

Photo Buddies
Introduce yourself to your YHS buddy. Where are you from? Where have you lived? How long have you been in Beijing? What do you like to do when you are not at school? Send a photo of yourself and ask them questions!!
Here are the pairings... Now you can message them on their YHS page, upload photos of moon cakes or light paintings or anything about your life in China... remember write descriptions along with the photos don't assume that they will understand!!
Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.52.27 AM.png
Time to kill check out these photos taken by teens across the USA

September 23 - 27 Final reflections on light painting then Portraits


Write a final reflection on Light Painting: what did you learn? which ones were your best and why? Did you do any light paintings outside of the classroom

Read and on this article on taking stunning portraits. Decide on the five you find most interesting and put onto TUMBLR with an image from the article

Look up Richard Avedon and Arnold Newman's on tumblr put up your favorite photo from each and tell us about the photographers style.

Continue posting 2 x a week minimum. Post your best portrait on tumblr with a few lines of what you were thinking and what portrait technique you used.

Week's photo assignment:Remember take lots of photos/move around your subjects and be brave THEN EDIT

This weeks photo assignment is to begin to take portraits using five of the techniques explained in the stunning portrat article and by the photos of Avedon and Newman. Be sure to include
#1 An environmental portrait like our express yourself (Leibovitz) and Newman style of your family members. Surroundings tell as much about the people as the portrait. If they are not present use props and photos be creative.

#2 Photos of your family and friends using the techniques mentioned. Remember to fill the frame and behave differently using the camera (shoot from above or below/ show part of the person, frame the shot etc)

#3 You should have at least 10 portraits demonstrating your understanding of the techniques shown in the article and your response to Avedon and Newman. Edit and Upload Choose 3 to upload onto your wiki page (title/name technique and resize). Upload the ten of your best onto flickr!. On Tumblr put up 3-5 of your best and tell what techniques you used and what you learned in the process. Put one or more on YHS with description. We will have a class critique

October 7- 11 Complete Portraits

Need to include: (minimum 10 you can have more) with titles
5 of the techniques from the article
One environmental portrait in the style of Newman
One Avedon style portrait
1-2 Portraits of 4 year olds
1 with close family including ayi, relatives

YHS Everyone should have made contact with your buddy from Yarmouth Maine! you will be sharing photos of what interests you outside of school... sports/ music/theater/hiking/whatever it may be. Of course the photos you submit are evidence of your understanding of good composition !

When you post ALWAYS title and write about the photo and the technique that you used! Remember that you are communicating with the other side of the globe to students that no little about international education or China. Do Not Put Up Poorly Composed Photos on the Yarmouth Ning site

Tumblr: (twice a week minimum) Please write a reflection on how using the various compositional techniques in portraiture has helped your photography to improve.

check out these portraits of Chinese toy factory workers!

October 15 - 17 Begin Masters of photography series

You may not know much about photographic history but you will soon!! Check out the next unit and choose a photographer that you want to know more about. You can view most of them on my pinterest account!


Reflect on the video done by the BBC The Genius of Photography. How has photography changed our lives? What surprised you? Who inspired you?
Reflect on interesting ideas discovered by researching your own photographer.

at Home

Prepare your 2-3 minute presentation for in class the week of October 23. Read the guidelines found on the Masters unit page of this wiki carefully and make sure you address all that is necessary.
Begin choosing 5 photos from your master that you will emulate and start taking them! You will include them at the end of your presentation.

YHS and Flickr
critique new photos using the language of photography and upload any new photos you have taken that help people understand what your life in China is like.

the teacher from Yarmouth says "Can't wait to see photos of your visiting artist!" so please come on in and take a few and post them to your buddy telling them what Ann Weber is doing at ISB (don't know then ask her!)

if you are off on sports events be sure to post photos of your team in action

Make a room sized camera obscura and take a pic of it for extra credit!!
check out Chinese Contemporary Photographers and write few paragraphs on one of them for extra credit

October 24th Masters presentation

You will be presenting your masters videos and show the five photos that you have taken in the style of your photographer.
Reflection on your master photographer and photos that you have taken in the style of and you should have made a post on the BBC's Genius of Photography video and write some of the things that you learned...anything else? Remember use your camera! Word and Image on every post

critique new photos using the language of photography and upload best photos you have taken from your masters project. Write your buddy.
Photo challenge
interests and passions take some well thought out/ composed photos and upload them onto YHS to share with your buddy


Photo challenge!
well composed shots from all that's happening at ISB this weekend.

October 29 -31 David Hockney photo challenge

You will be working in pairs to create a response to David Hockney's style of photography

Tumblr/ yhs

what is going on in the classroom? What does that look like? What are you learning? Keep up at least 1x a week with your buddy

Photo challenge

Ann weber environmental portrait .. consider compostion and lighting! and Halloween let's show those from Maine how we celebrate!!

November 6 and 7 Begin Photojournalism

In Class
What "story" do you want to tell?
With your partner think about the "theme" that you will be exploring

Photo challenge
"Things chinese" Put onto Tumblr

Post Hockney challenge onto your global sites /tumblr and YHS!!

People are still not posting two times a week and are not sufficiently describing their photos that they post. A grade will be given this week for tumblr and YHS postings.

Global Communication is an important part of this course!

November 11 - 15 Photojournalism

bring your permission slip to school!

Rubric for your project

November 18 - 22 What's your China Story?

Photojournalist assignment: Complete your portfolio of 10 - 15 + photos that describes a moment in time here in Beijing/ Shunyi! Do you have a theme? What is it that you want to communicate? Put into one of the following flickr slideshow/ iMovie/ animoto/ issue and place on your wiki and YHS site. Share with your yhs buddy!

Upload your master's video to vimeo and post on your wiki page along with 3 responses to your photographer

Make comments to your buddy on their photojournalist assignment and photos. Post new photos

remember I look for two times minimun a week postings of images and reflections.

Photo Challenge:
It's thanksgiving coming up in the USA so YHS will be posting lots of FOOD so lets show them
what you eat in a day

November 25 - 29 present photojournalism project

Presentations in class What's your story.. looking for a clear theme contrasting two cultures next door to one another.

Photo challenge:
what are you thankful for? Picture it using your most fantastic compositional techniques

Begin Final Unit : Culture clash
Photoshop tutorial #1: Melon head

December 2-6 Complete your culture clash

your final project is to portray your take on "culture clash" between Yarmouth, Maine and Beijing ( see unit culture clash on this wiki)
You are to merge and remix photos from both areas illustrating the similarities and differences from each place. What theme will you want to emphasize? Teen life in Maine vs China? City vs country life? Environmental differences? Architectural differences? Landscapes? You decide but you must be clear on what it is you are trying to communicate!

Final to do's before the end of this semester:

Make sure that your tumblr has been up to date with at least 2 submissions a week. Your final submission will be your culture clash with a paragraph describing what the "clash" is about, what tools you thought were helpful in photoshop. How did you make the piece look "surreal"? Put your Culture Clash image on Tumblr, onto your wiki page and upload onto flickr.

A paragragh on tumblr about your reflection on the digital imagery course in general

Choose a photo that demonstrates your understanding of what a GOOD image is
YHS:I would like a few sentences about collaborating with yarmouth on critiques, sharing photos and assignments... did you find this fun? interesting? Helpful to your practice as a photographer.
Flickr: will you continue to use it to organize photos? Did you fine it helpful if not why not?
Tumblr: Did reflecting help you to think more in depth about what you were learning in class? Can you see the plus in a platform that is shared globally? Will you continue with a tumblr account on your own? If not why not?
Finally answer these questions: The high point of this class was? and The most important thing/ idea/ practice that I got out of this class was _

Thank you for taking this course. I hope that it has made you think in a different way about the power of your camera in guiding you to see your world in a unique way. Have a very restful and happy holiday wherever you go !!!